What is seamless switching?

Bill Hero works hard to make it as easy as possible for you to switch to your chosen retailer and plan. With some retailers, we have established processes and integrations where Bill Hero collects all the required information, and delivers this to your chosen retailer for them to proceed with processing your order. We call this Seamless Switching.

Not all retailers support Bill Hero Seamless Switching yet, so we may ask you to sign yourself up using the standard online signup process for your chosen retailer. If we do, we'll provide you with a unique Bill Hero email address to be used as your billing and correspondence address. All bills and account correspondence sent to your unique Bill Hero address will be auto-forwarded to your personal address.

No matter if your switch was Seamless or manual, Bill Hero will monitor every bill you receive and will report back to you on each one, initiating another switch every time we find potential savings above your personal Bothered Threshold.

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