How is Bill Hero different to comparison sites?

Bill Hero is a Savings Service, not a comparison site.

Comparison sites make money by taking commissions from retailers, which means they're working for them, not for you. They don't really 'compare the market', and you or I can never really 'select' the best deal, because their incentive is to sell you into any plan that will generate a commission, not to find the plan that is best for you.

Also, comparison sites are one-time only, so you need to keep going back to review your plan. Retailers know that many people find this too hard, so they ratchet up their prices over time.

Bill Hero is different. We don’t seek or accept commissions from retailers. Ever. We're funded solely by subscribers like you, which means our only incentive is to keep you happy by making sure you're always on the best deal. We know exactly who we're working for.

Bill Hero is at your service.

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