Does Bill Hero handle solar?

Yes! If solar is visible in your bill, the Bill Hero will include it in your comparison and results.

Its not unusual for solar households to be focused more on the feed-in tariff part of their plan, and less focussed on the other consumption and connection charges that will also apply.

Bill Hero does not look for the best possible feed-in tariff per se, we find the plan that would have delivered the best overall price for you, including feed-in tariff, consumption and connection charges, along with any other elements like discounts and incentives.


Stepped rate and capped system size feed-in tariffs

Its becoming more common that retailers offer feed-in tariffs where the feed-in rate changes after a kWh exported threshold is exceeded. Some retailers also limit the available of certain plans and feed-in tariffs so they're available only for households with solar systems below a certain kW rating.

Bill Hero handles the stepped rate automatically, and will price the value of the kWh exports accordingly.

For the capped system sizes, Bill Hero needs to know the size of your system For new Bill Hero subscribers we now as this question as part of the sign up process. You can inform us of your solar via Bill Hero support at, so that your comparison results will automatically be filtered to exclude any plans you're not eligible for due to solar system size.


Premium feed-in tariff schemes

There are a variety of legacy state-based schemes set up a decade or more ago that offered premium feed-in tariffs for early adopters. Unfortunately none of these legacy schemes are available for new solar installations.

In general, your eligibility for these schemes does not change when you switch between retailers, and the published solar feed-in tariff that the retailer offers usually is applied in addition to any premium FiT you're also entitled to.

The still operating schemes include:


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