What about incentives?

Many retailers offer one-time incentives in addition to discounts to market their energy plans. Incentives can take many forms, including fixed cash rebates or cash-back on the first bill, variable cash-equivalent incentives such as ‘first month free’ offers, non-cash incentives such as movie tickets, sports jerseys and frequent flyer points, or conditional incentives, such as a sign-up bonus that applies only if you buy both electricity and gas at the same time

It’s tricky to include such incentives in a pricing analysis, because they will often only impact the first bill, sometimes reducing that first bill by a significant amount.

Bill Hero includes only cash or cash-equivalent incentives in our pricing calculations - non-cash incentives like movie tickets and sports memorabilia and frequent flyer points are always excluded - and we calculate the price impact of those incentives over 1 year.

For example a $100 incentive on an Electricity plan will manifest as a $25 reduction to a quarterly estimated bill price for that plan.

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