How does bill forwarding work?

Bill Hero needs to receive each bill to perform the analysis and make recommendations for switching whenever we find annualised savings for you greater than your personal Bothered Threshold.

Our default approach is to set up your account with your new retailer using a unique Bill Hero email forwarding address, so all your bills and account correspondence will be sent to you via Bill Hero.

All messages sent to your Bill Hero forwarding address will be auto-forwarded to your personal email, so you'll still receive all your bills and account correspondence.

All forwarded messages are sent verbatim, including the exact email content and any attachments that were present in the original email. The only difference is that we prepend an identifier to the original subject line so the subject line for a forwarded email will look like this:

[Forwarded via Bill Hero] - Original subject line

These forwarded messages are sent to you from a custom Bill Hero address, but the 'reply to:' address will left the same as it was in the original email, so any replies will go straight to the retailer, not to Bill Hero.

Manually uploading your bills

It's not strictly necessary to use the Bill Hero email forwarding system. If you prefer to receive your bills directly and forward them to Bill Hero for processing, we can provide you with a separate email address to manually send your bills to. If you choose to manually upload your bills, the onus is on you to remember to do this for each bill you receive.

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