What if I don't have a bill yet?

Bill Hero can help you find a competitively priced retailer and plan for your new home, even without a bill to start with.
To get started, please complete your signup at https://billhero.com.au.get-started. You can skip the bill upload part.
Please note that when setting up a new subscription like this with no initial bill to work with, we cannot calculate savings vs current plan, so our Savings Guarantee will not apply and your subscription will become active right away. The actual start date for the subscription will be triggered on the day the connection is established at your new home.
We'll then send you a link to our 'no bill' process which steps you through the following questions:
  • Location of your new home
  • Number of people living in the new home
  • Does it have mains gas connected
  • Does it have electric hot water or electric primary heating
  • Does it have solar, and if so what kW rating
  • Does it have a pool
This is enough for us to establish your new home's 'energy profile' and lets us estimate your kWh consumption based on average and benchmark industry data.
We'll run a comparison for you based on this estimated consumption 
The plan and retailer we recommend will be competitively priced, but because the recommendation will be based on estimated rather than actual consumption, it may not be the absolute best possible price for you.
When your first bill comes through, we'll re-run the analysis based on actual data in your bill, and may recommend another switch at that time if we find annualised savings for you greater than your Bothered Threshold.
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