What if the energy bill is not in my name?

Bill Hero can monitor your energy bills even if the energy account is not currently set up in your name.

We know it's common that the person responsible for household bills and budgeting may not always be the person named on the bill. We can provide the Bill Hero service no matter whose name is on the bill, providing that you can supply those bills for analysis.

Our default approach is to setup your new energy account after your first switch using your Bill Hero email forwarding address, so that even if the new account with a new retailer is still not under your own name, the email address for that account will be the Bill Hero forwarding address, so the bills and account correspondence will be sent to the Bill Hero forwarding address. 

Every message sent to your Bill Hero email forwarding address will be auto-forwarded to your personal email address.

Alternatively, you can manually forward each bill to Bill Hero for analysis as you receive each one.

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