What if I'm moving?

Your Bill Hero subscription moves with you when you move home, to help make sure you never overpay for energy no matter where you live.

When you're moving, you must always notify your current retailer of your move-out date, so they can finalise your bills at that address, and so you won't be charged for any consumption that may happen after you've moved out.

For your new home, you most likely will not have a bill to use. If you choose to, you can use the Bill Hero 'No Bill' process to find a competitive retailer & plan to start off with, based on estimated kWh consumption.

Alternatively, its often convenient to rely on the moving home service that your current retailer will provide, and stick with them through your move. Assuming you're currently with a retailer that Bill Hero helped you find, there's every chance they will also be able to set you up on a competitively priced plan at your new location.

This approach can help tick off at least one task for your moving home to-do list, and it means you will not have to set up an entirely new account. Plus this approach can be beneficial if you need to keep the power connected at both locations for an overlap period while you complete your move.

No matter whether you choose a new retailer, or stay with your current retailer for your move, when your first bill comes through at the new location it will be subjected to the same Bill Hero comparison process.

If there's a better deal available to you in your new home that will deliver savings greater than your Bothered Threshold, then Bill Hero will initiate a new switch for you.

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