What about Greenpower?

Greenpower is a government accredited scheme that allows energy consumers to purchase 100% renewable energy. 

When you buy Greenpower, your retailer purchases and surrenders Greenpower certificates issued by accredited renewable energy generators. Each certificate represents 1 mWh of electricity. Only renewable generators built since 1997 are accredited under this scheme—older renewable generation assets such as hydro do not qualify under this scheme .

If your bill includes a Greenpower line item, Bill Hero will exclude the dollar value of your Greenpower premium from the comparison price, and will compare your bill against all the alternative plans also excluding Greenpower.

In general, the Greenpower premium is a relatively small component of the overall bill cost, and so even though different retailers may price the Greenpower component differently, the overall price position of any plan will not change significantly with or without Greenpower.

Not all retailers offer Greenpower. Those that do are listed in the Greenpower website here: https://www.greenpower.gov.au/get-greenpower/find-provider

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