What about concessions?

Your concession entitlements do not change when you change retailer. No matter who you switch to, if you're eligible for a concession, you can still have it applied to your bills.

Retailers do not include concession rates in the fact sheets they publish for their plans, because those concessions rates are defined and financed by the relevant authority, The retailer acts only as a conduit for the concession benefit to wind up in your bill.

Concession schemes vary by state, and are dynamically calculated on the base bill price rather than a fixed concession amount.

This means that Bill Hero cannot assume the dollar value of a concession present in your bill will also apply for any of the alternative plans we calculate pricing for.

Bill Hero handles this by adding-back any concession present in your bill to find the base price for your bill, then we compare on that base price. This allows us to find the best priced plan for you, excluding concession. See Bill price vs comparison price for more information on this.

Your eligibility for your concession will not change no matter which retailer and plan you switch to, but the dollar value for your concession credit under that new plan will be different.

The best priced plan excluding concession will still be the best priced plan after concession has been recalculated under the new plans and reapplied.

Bill Hero treats the Queensland Electricity asset ownership dividend as a concession.

Your eligibility for a concession does not change when you switch retailers, although you will need to provide relevant information to any new retailer, such as concession type, concession card number, and concession card end date so they can validate your concession entitlement with the relevant authority.

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