Referral scheme

The Bill Hero referral scheme is designed to reward subscribers for introducing their friends to Bill Hero. 

We think that word of mouth recommendations from happy subscribers is the very best form of marketing we could ever hope for, and we're very happy to offer a bonus to both our subscribers and to the friends they refer.

Here's how it works:

We generate a unique referral code for every Bill Hero subscriber. Your unique code is included in each of the results emails that we generate and send after analysing each bill for you, and we encourage you to share your code with your friends.

When a new subscriber joins and uses your code as part of their signup, our system will automatically recognise that they were referred by you. It will then add two additional free months of service to both to your own Bill Hero subscription and to theirs, so you'll each get 14 months of service rather than 12.

Even better, this referral mechanism is uncapped, so you can refer as many friends as you like, and you'll receive an additional two free months every time.

Share the love and share the rewards with the Bill Hero referral scheme.

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