Bill Hero Plan Details screen explained

The Plan Details screen is loaded whenever you click on the 'Switch' button on any plan displayed in the Bill Hero Results screen.

The Plan Details page displays more detailed information about that individual plan, and allows you to proceed with your order for that plan if you choose to buy it. Here's a map of the sections in the Plan Details page:

Energy plans can be complicated, so there can be a lot of information in this screen. We'll step your through the components of the page one by one.

The Plan Card

Each Plan Details page includes a representation of that plan using the Bill Hero 'card' format you'll recognise from the previous Results screen, displaying the annualised savings calculated for you under this plan.

The Price Breakdown

If you're interested in the details, here's where you can see how and why this plan's pricing differs from the bill you uploaded

Each element in the calculated price for this bill is broken out into an individual line item, and the total is displayed. This total is our calculation of what the total cost to you under this plan would be for the same consumption and time period as in your uploaded bill.

We then calculate 'Bill difference' which is the difference between the price you were actually charged in your bill, vs our calculation of what you would have been charged under this plan. A positive Bill difference amount represents potential savings, a negative amount means this plan is more expensive than your bill.

The final step is to annualise the Bill difference amount to display an annual savings figure.

More on savings calculations

See our help article How we calculate your savings for more detail on the Bill Hero approach to calculating annualised savings.

The 'How to Switch' panel

There's two switching methods supported by Bill Hero: Seamless Switching and manual switching. Where the plan is offered by a retailer that supports Seamless Switching for Bill Hero subscribers, then Bill Hero can facilitate the signup process by collecting all the required information on behalf of the retailer. 

Seamless Switching

Much of this information required by the retailer to onboard you as a new customer is already present in your uploaded bill, and we pre-populate the fields wherever possible. 

We also securely save any additional information we need to collect so we can make the process even easier for you next time. All personal information collected and held by Bill Hero is subject to our Privacy Policy, and is provided to your selected retailer with your authority according to our Terms of Service. After delivery to the retailer, your personal information becomes subject to their privacy policy.

Manual switching

Plans from retailers that do not yet support Seamless Switching can be purchased directly from the retailer. We provide links to their online purchase pages, and display their sales phone number for you, and tell you which plan you should buy to access the calculated savings.

We also display your unique Bill Hero email forwarding address, and ask you to use this address when you sign up to the new retailer. 

All messages sent to this address are auto-forwarded to your personal email address, so you'll still receive all your bills and account correspondence. This is the mechanism we use to automatically monitor, analyse and report on each bill for you, so we can alert you whenever we find savings for you greater than your personal Bothered Threshold.

If you click on the copy files icon to the right of your email forwarding address, it will be copied to the clipboard of your computer to make it easy to paste into the retailers purchase form.

The Details panel

All the detailed information about the plan is listed in the Details panel, 

The details for each plan are broken down into sections:

About this plan

A text field containing descriptive information about the plan.

Retailer details

Name, phone number and main URL for this retailer's website

Offer details

The Offer details includes the plan name, and a link to teh Fact Sheet that retailers are obliged to publish for each plan they offer. If the plan includes a solar feed-in tariff, the details for this will be included in this section.

Contract term

Details on contract duration can be found here

Tariff details

The nitty-gritty for pricing is in the tariff details, and this section can include rates for several different tariff types including single rate, controlled load, off-peak, and shoulder.

Daily supply charges are also included, along with any Fees, Discounts and Incentives that may apply for this plan.

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