Do I need to supply a full year worth of bills?

By default, Bill Hero runs its analysis bill-by-bill rather than using aggregated bill data covering a full year.

Of course we understand that seasonal variation in energy consumption and solar production will occur, and it may seem counter-intuitive not to base the recommendation on a full year of data - here's why we've designed the system this way:

As more people install solar, and as the average size and generation capacity of those solar systems is growing, the average seasonal variation in energy imported from the grid is becoming more and more pronounced, and so its less and less realistic to find a single 'one size fits all' plan that will deliver a competitive result year round. 

The difference in price between the 'best' year-round single plan on aggregated basis vs best plans on a per-bill basis can be very significant, so the potential savings available through the per-bill approach can be substantial.

Energy plans always include trade-offs between daily connection charges, consumption charges and feed-in tariff rates. For solar customers, the FiT rates that retailers offer are funded by the margin they make on energy. This means that the most generous FiT rates are often associated with relatively uncompetitive prices for KwH imports, meaning that the best summer-time plan when consumption is lower and exports are higher is less likely to yield competitive outcomes during winter when you'll be importing more and exporting less.

The optimal strategy for minimising energy costs is not to try and find a single 'best' plan, but instead to continuously track the effective pricing available across the market, and to switch whenever it makes sense to do so, based on your own personal assessment of the value in dollars saved vs the effort expended in switching.

Bill Hero keeps the effort expended as low as possible, by automatically running a personalised comparison for you on every single bill, so it takes no work at all for you to see what is available across the market, and understand what your potential savings are.

We designed our 'Bothered Threshold' feature to help you tailor the responses and advice the system generates for you - so a recommendation to switch will only be made when the identified savings exceed your own value placed on the effort required. Whenever we analyse a bill and find annualised savings for you greater than your personal Bothered Threshold, we'll recommend that you switch. You can change your Bothered Threshold at any time, and even when the system finds savings for you greater than your Bothered Threshold, its still your choice to proceed with a switch or not.

Our system focuses on checking the market on every single bill and it will make a switching recommendation subject to your Bothered Threshold. Month by month and bill by bill, the seasonal variations will flow through, and the system will recommend a switch whenever it makes sense to, based on your Bothered Threshold preferences.

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