GreenPower price comparison

Bill Hero can help you find the best priced GreenPower plan.

GreenPower is available from participating retailers as a voluntary price uplift per kWh for the electricity you consume, and the additional price you pay per kWh eventually goes toward support renewable generation.

What is GreenPower?

There's a lot to know about how GreenPower works. The key thing to understand is that there is no relationship between the price uplift you pay for GreenPower, and the funding that eventually makes it to the renewable generators that you want to support.

See our support article  All About Green Power for more information about the GreenPower scheme and how it works.

You can choose to apply the GreenPower price uplift to some, or all, of the electricity you consume. All retailers have different prices for the GreenPower price uplift, so until now, it's been very difficult to find the GreenPower plan that will deliver the best price outcomes for you.

Bill Hero makes it easy, by allowing you to include the GreenPower price uplift into your Bill Hero comparisons, so you can see exactly which plan delivers the best price for you, at your chosen level of GreenPower.

Here's how it works:

You can use the GreenPower tool in conjunction with the Green ranking filter to find the best priced GreenPower plan from the retailers that also meet or exceed your desired Green ranking.

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