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How does email forwarding work?
How does email forwarding work?

Our innovative email forwarding system means we can monitor every bill for you, automatically.

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Bill Hero needs to receive each of your bills to perform the analysis and rank your options for switching. We'll let you know whenever we find there are annualised savings available to you greater than your personal Bothered Threshold.

Our email forwarding system makes it easy for you to route your email bills via Bill Hero, so every bill will be monitored automatically without you needing to lift a finger.

Bill Hero automatically creates a unique email forwarding address for every subscriber to use with their retailers โ€” they send bills to your Bill Hero address, and we auto-forward to your personal address.

Every Bill Hero subscriber has two email forwarding addresses: a 'friendly' address and a 'long form' address.

All messages sent to either or both of your Bill Hero email forwarding addresses will be auto-forwarded immediately to your personal email, so you'll still receive all your bills and account correspondence within seconds of them being sent.

All forwarded messages are sent verbatim, including the exact email content and any attachments that were present in the original email. The only difference is that we add an identifier to the original subject line, so all forwarded emails will start with:

[Forwarded via Bill Hero] -

These forwarded messages will be sent to you from a custom Bill Hero address [email protected], but the reply to: address will remain the same as in the original email, so if you reply to a forwarded email, the reply will go to the originator, not to Bill Hero.

How do I find my unique email forwarding address?

You can find your personal forwarding address by logging in to the Bill Hero Subscriber Portal at

Potential Misuse

Bill Hero never initiates any emails delivered through the email forwarding system. We only ever forward them.

The email forwarding system is not limited only to forwarding bills from energy retailers. It will immediately forward any message that is correctly addressed to a valid Bill Hero email forwarding address. All forwarded messages are sent verbatim to the corresponding personal address for that subscriber.

If you or your retailer share your Bill Hero forwarding address with other senders, this system will also forward their messages to you. An external party could obtain your Bill Hero email forwarding address and use it to send you spam or other kinds of unwanted messages to you.

โš ๏ธ Spam

If you're being spammed through the email forwarding system, please get in touch with our support team at [email protected], so we can investigate and block that sender.

Manually uploading your bills

You can also manually send or forward your bills to [email protected]. Please be sure to send or forward from the same email account you used to set up your Bill Hero subscription so that the from: address you send from matches a known Bill Hero subscriber address.

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